About Lacey

I'm a playful and sassy foot fetish temptress that loves to tease. I have a gentle sensual way about me; I'm not a foot mistress or dominant. Ultimately I enjoy engaging in different roles depending on what gets you excited the most with my feet. ;) 

I would consider myself very open minded and genuine, as I have a personal enjoyment when it comes to my feet; loving the attention and desire they possess.  I have a professional job during the day and simply enjoy living in a fetish fantasy during my leisure.

Based near Frederick, MD USA

Shoe Size: 8.5 us

I offer In-Person foot fetish sessions and am currently accepting new applicants: APPLY HERE


I have been involved in the foot fetish lifestyle 10+ years. I love my feet being pampered and desired. I enjoy wearing a variety of shoes, socks and hosiery and feeling sensual in them. I have especially come to love making a man smell my warm sweaty smelly socks, shoes and feet; watching as he gets so aroused and begs for more.

I like showing off my barefeet and sexy soles too, and keeping my feet pedicured and healthy; they are super soft and quite lovable, rather clean, dirty, smelly or non scented!


My Top Fetish Enjoyments

  • Foot Play
  • Shoe Play
  • Sock Play
  • Nylon/Pantyhose Play
  • Cum Play (IE. I wear cum in my shoes or you clean up!)
  • Light foot Trample
  • Foot related JOI
  • Foot related roleplay
  • Writing foot fetish stories
  • Foot related tease and denial
  • Consensual paypig fun with footboys
  • Male chastity with footboys
  • Making yummy foot treats
  • Bisexual footboys/sissy's

My Everyday Enjoyments

  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Live Music and Festivals
  • Movie Theaters
  • Nature Walks
  • Astronomy and Astrology 
  • Sightseeing and Traveling

Lacey's Blog


Reflect back on this year; have you fulfilled all your foot fetish desires? However you answer there is always more room for me! ;) LACEYSSOX.COM


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